The TLC Foundation is the social responsibility arm of The Love Church, a non-profit organisation established in 2011 and registered under NPO Registration number 093-147-NPO. While The Love Church was established by Pastors Werner and Michelle Links following a God given instruction to “Build a place for Loving God and Loving People”, with the express view of seeing to the community’s spiritual needs, it became apparent that the communities they wished to serve required more than just spiritual nourishment, upliftment and empowerment. The answer to addressing the squalid sociological needs was the establishment of the TLC Foundation.


The TLC Foundation’s Vision is the moral restoration of every family unit and community, through sustained intervention programmes. To this end the Foundation consist of community members with the common goal to instil accountability in our communities for the current and future status thereof.


The TLC Foundation will achieve this through a series of planned and monitored interventions using communal mechanisms such as sport, performing arts, education, networking opportunities and outreach programmes to the street children. Our client base is street children, family units and communities seeking restoration and whom are ready to embrace accountability for their communities.


Family Unit /Parental Programme

  • Parental Programme Training
  • Assistance Workshops (safety, security, education, financial planning)
  • Parental pledge programme.

Children’s Programme

  • Children’s activity centre.
  • Children’s Safety Programme
  • Child Safe Community Programme.


  • Continued education and training programmes.
  • Sport, arts, culture and youth counselling programmes.

Community Based Programmes

  • Community Pride Centres.
  • Community performance monitoring forum.
  • Child Safe Community Pledge Programme
  • Healthy Community Programme.

Job Shop Programme

  • Job shop
  • Entrepreneurship Training

Care Programme

  • Care for the homeless.
  • Care for the street children.