Christ is the model for every Christian man; therefore, the regular meeting must always be designed with the idea of building up men spiritually.

The primary goal of Men’s Ministry is to involve every man in some meaningful endeavor by using a variety of programs utilizing all men. God is not looking for better programs, rather, He wants to build men for His kingdom. Every meeting is spiritually meaningful and Christ-centered, with the goal of helping men grow spiritually and find their place of service in the church. Events such as Sports, special trips and theme days help provide the format for developing respect and understanding of one another in so doing providing a team-building effect that would strengthen their spiritual character.


The programs are open to the saved and unsaved men but with the main focus of Christian characteristics.


  1. Spiritual — developing Christian growth
  2. Service — involving men in church and community
  3. Social — fellowship and team building
  4. Soul winning — men witnessing for Christ